Charmaine Cadeau

Charmaine Cadeau grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She has written three books of poetry, including What You Used to Wear, Placeholder, and Skytale

Her first book, What You Used to Wear, explores mutability in landscapes and identities, and through memory and loss. Placeholder follows, taking these concerns further to look at fragmentation. Placeholder received the Brockman Campbell Award, and the ReLit Award. Her latest work, Skytale, is an artist's book that entwines nature and surveillance. 

Her research and areas of interest include poetry and poetics, progressive education and the liberal arts, print culture, and interarts collaboration. 

She attended Trent University (BA), Queen's University (BEd), the University of New Brunswick (MA), and the University at Albany (PhD). 

She is an Associate Professor of English, and co-founder of a creative writing afterschool program.